Legal weed is big business.

It seems like people like their legal weed almost as much as internet or cable tv. According to an article posted by Business Insider, legal weed brought in over 6.7 million in revenue. The green rush is supposed to top out at over 20 billion by 2021. Here at Emerald Empire Consulting, we specialize in connecting the dots for folks to find their opportunity to get their foot into the industry. We support the new jobs that the industry is bringing to Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. We are excited that Massachusetts and California are joining the marketplace.

Monroe, MI council may ban dispensaries

According to the Toledo Blade,  the Monroe city council will be holding a hearing on whether or not their community wishes to opt out of licensing Marijuana dispensaries. The city council meeting will be 7:30 p.m. in the city council chambers, 120 East First St., Monroe.

Emerald Empire Consulting wishes all dispensary businesses the best of luck. If you need guidance in providing testimony for the hearing, email us 

Plymouth, MA May Vote to Ban Pot Shops

According to Frank Mand, Plymouth, MA could opt-out of Pot shops, (story here), and the city could potentially opt-in to license venues that allow on-site consumption of cannabis. An interesting question for the voters to decide.

Oregon cities and counties saw contentious ballot measure fights in the November 2016 elections. Voters in smaller communities all over Oregon were at best undecided, and many of the state's more rural and remote areas did choose to block pot businesses.

The state also saw its fair share of close races, too.  Albany OR voted no on opting out of allowing cannabis businesses by about 6%, and Cannon Beach, OR saw their proposed ban defeated by just 10 votes. Voters overwhelmingly chose to approve the 3% local taxes on marijuana sales allowed by state law - with tax measures passing with 75% and even 80% support in some places.

Emerald Empire Consulting specializes in fighting cannabis opt-out measures, and we helped successfully fight these bans in Oregon wherever we could. If there are folks in Plymouth that want help fighting this opt-out measure, give us a call.